Tools of the Trade

I looked down one day and realized that the various pencils and blades I use have their own beauty. This photograph of my beloved white pencil (with eraser), a multicolored sharpener, a specialized straight edge and scissors depict the key components of my current stockpile. When I go to the art store, I feel like a hunter going for her guns. Sometimes, while looking for just the right art supplies, I feel like a five star chef seeking out vegetables at the peak of ripeness. 

A household pen on random pieces of white paper, at some point, morphed to white pencil on black paper. Decorative design papers jumped into my hand and insisted on being cut and blended with drawings. A scissors begets blades for different thicknesses. With them, I get to speak in pigment, design and line, quite without words, but, enjoying the pleasure of the tools as well as their product.